Towards a new dimension

A span length up to 35 meters in single monolithic blocks

While retaining all performances and quality features of the ONDAL system, Ondal Plus has been designed to meet the demand for the longest spans. Coupled with continuous skylight windows, it can provide a particularly comfortable and bright working environment.

It can be integrated with the Ondal Steel system.

Distinguishing features:
  • Certified and automatized production
  • Entirely cast in reinforced concrete
  • The channel-shaped extrados is designed to collect and drain rainwater. Equipped with waterproof protective sheath, it is tested to offer guaranteed durability and waterproofing in all weather conditions
  • Certified with Broof (T2) classification of resistance to external roof fires
  • All season thermal performance according to mandatory standards
  • Superior static performance, tested by specialized technicians
  • Lighting and harmony for a wide range application
  • High integrative potential and versatility

Ondal PLus Ondal PLus
Biondal Plus Biondal Plus