Our company identity is characterized by a highly skilled approach to every aspect of the precast concrete trade. The old motto "industrializing architecture" represents the synthesis of our most beloved match: the architectural design married to a highly automated manufacturing system. Thus the art of prefabrication comes to life: a discipline at the service of the customer's creativity.

Carla Mari and Vinicio Cera found MC Prefabbricati Ultd. and settle the newborn company in Cardano al Campo, Varese. As of today it is still the staple of our company structure


MC Prefabbricati certifies its Quality System in compliance with the standard UNI EN ISO 9001. It is a first for the industry of precast concrete building


MC-Manini prefabbricati is founded


Notwithstanding the economic crisis, MC Prefabbricati chooses to invest in an innovative manufacturing unit and pours in the new Bellinzago Novarese facility a rich wealth of expertise and technologies. In 2007 MC Prefabbricati also obtains the CE marking


MC Prefabbricati is now a full-fledged joint-stock company


MC Prefa Suisse and M3 Engineering are established


Towards the 50th anniversary: the company still invests for to strengthen its role in the precast concrete market by researching new materials and engineering solutions and also by constantly improving the most performing flagship products


Over the years the Company's pivotal idea led to a Group idea with shared common goals and combined skills.
It has fully grown to an organization able to offer an high end service range with a top level competence.
M3 ENGINEERING - It was established to provide a through design service and specialized consultancy for all technical solutions in the manifold precast building theatre.

NOVA CONSTRUCTIONS - It invests actively in the real estate market and chooses carefully strategic properties in the industrial segment and high-quality residential solutions.

MC PREFA SUISSE - It is conceived to expand the company's business scope beyond the Alps and to grow as a valid competitor in the European market. A consolidated experience acquired over years of successful entrepreneurship makes our Group a valid choice even at the international level.

MC MANINI PREFABBRICATI - A Company operating in the Emilia territory, set up in cooperation with Manini Prefabbricati, Perugia. A remarkable blend of technical know-how, MC Manini production unit covers an area of over 100,000 m² in Somaglia (LO). A unique partnership, realized through the shared effort of two great personalities in the Italian precast concrete landscape.
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